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Our Products

Our global products range enables medical and cosmetic professionals to be more efficient and effective with their customers.

We work together with our partners to find new and smarter ways to improve patient outcomes, as well as to deliver a premium level of medical well-being.

Our brands

Our varieties brands cover a lot of medical needs and aspire to achieve more


Human Medicine

We offer a real and effective variety of many medicines manufactured in European countries and Turkey. It extends between supplements, antibiotics and oncology drugs


The accuracy of scientific and laboratory results depends mainly on the accuracy and efficiency of the instrument used in it.


Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicines to give your animal an essential part of our care

Medical Consumers

All medical and surgical supplies needed by hospitals

Medical Devices

Rapid development and diversification of medical devices to help doctors to provide the best medical services from discovery to treatment of the disease

Non Licensed Pharmaceuticals

To help make sure the patient complies with his or her prescription, we also supply medication for millions of patients with unmet medical needs